My Tall Kiln - 145L

Utilizes a 400x400 shelf with Single Phase 40amp power (Hard Wired).

Model: MK145 - My Tall Kiln

Internal Capacity & Dimensions:

  • Volume: 145 L (5.1 cubic feet)

  • Chamber Dimensions: 450mm (W) x 440mm (D) x 740mm (H)

  • External Dimensions: 840mm (W) x 750mm (D) x 1880mm (H), designed to fit through standard 820mm doorway for easy installation.

  • Weight: 135kg (empty) to 197kg (packed)



  • AF4 Multi-stage, for unparalleled control over firing stages, allowing up to 25 customizable programs for a variety of materials.



  • Shelves 5 Full shelves - 400mm x 400mm x 15mm.

  • Props: 9 x 150mm + 3 x 75mm Props

  • Additional Shelves and Props available.

  • Maximum Temperature: 1295°C, suitable for high-temperature firings including stoneware and porcelain.


  • Energy Efficiency: Optimized design for reduced power consumption, with detailed usage and cost estimates available in the brochure.

Optional Features:

  • Education Pack: Optional lockable control cover, enhancing safety and control in educational environments.

  • Ventilation: Optional VentMaster system, for effective management of kiln fumes, ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment.


You should ensure the Kiln has at least 200mm clearance on all sides and a minimum 600mm clearance above the Kiln. NEVER place anything on top of the Kiln. Things are often forgotten and this is a fire risk.

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